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February Workshop: Conflict Management

February 06, 2018

February Workshop was led by Dr. Frank and it was yet again a great success! 


We started off by thinking about conflicts that arose in our own lives, then we learned some of the tools and mindset that can help us better understand and hopefully manage conflicts that will rise in the future. We ended the workshop with each group acting out a scenario and reflected on how the conflicts were solved. 


Here are some of the feedback we got regarding the workshop! 

We all deal with conflicts everyday and it is nice to now be able to think about what I “need” and try to solve the conflict

I often tend to avoid conflict and this showed us strategic ways of dealing with it 

We would like to thank everyone who showed up to this workshop that makes Cummings Thrive possible. 



Cummings Thrive  


P.S. For more photos, please join our Facebook page here

January Workshop: Team Building and Communication

January 13, 2018

The January workshop led by Dr. Jennifer Graham and student facilitator Pamela Bay V'18 went off without a hitch!

From talking about communication and feelings of others in an interactive large group activity that involved moving around the room, to small group activities including blindfolded Cranium Pictionary, this workshop was filled with laughter! Many participants said that this was their favorite workshop yet! And felt the workshop was valuable and beneficial.

We would like to thank the Tufts Wildlife volunteer and faculty who came to this session.


Cummings Thrive 


December Workshop: Self-Awareness

December 13, 2017

Last week, we hosted our December workshop with the theme of Self-Awareness, led by co-founder Makoto. We showed video attached and had very productive discussion about what self-awareness means, and how we can be more aware with ourselves in our busy lives. We had about ~25 people show up despite busy finals period, and received numerous positive feedback! 


Again, this workshop was able to take place thanks to all of your support on our fundraising campaign. THANK YOU! 



Cummings Thrive 

Thank you Thank you Thank you

November 23, 2017

Thank you so much for everyone who supported Cummings Thrive for our crowdfunding campaign!! We were able to raise enough funds to cover the costs of running our monthly session for the entire year! 


We will post pictures and update everyone about our progress throughout the academic year. 


We are so grateful of overwhelming support we've received in the past month. Please stay tuned for more updates about our journey to shift the culture at Tufts Cummings!


Thank you so much!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Cummings Thrive 

6 more hours left!

November 22, 2017

We have 6 more hours left to collect donations for Cummings Thrive. With the money you have already helped us raise, we can continue our program for this entire year without worrying much about expenses. We are very lucky for this and THANK YOU all! We hope to gather additional funds to allow our program to run next year as well.


We are excited that out Co-Founder Makoto will be leading our December Workshop on Self Awareness. We are gathering more and more members of the community, such that faculty and volunteers at Cummings Vet School are planning to attend this December workshop.


And to share with you what we have shared with our participants during our 3rd week into our November topic on Resilience, we suggested they watch this great Ted Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth: “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance" (~18min). Take a look if you are interested!

1 Week Left

November 14, 2017

Dear Cummings Thrive Supporters, 


Thank you so much for all of your support thus far. We're almost done with our crowdfunding campaign. Only 1 week left. It really flew by!


In the past 3 weeks, we've managed to raise $2500! We are only $1500 away from our extended goal of $4000. If we were able to raise $2000 in a week or so, we certainly believe we can raise another $1500 before the campaign is over! 


If there are still people you know who care about veterinary profession and our atmosphere but haven't spoken to about Cummings Thrive, please share this donation link to them for the final push! 


Last week, we hosted our November monthly session with the theme of Resilience led by our co-founder Anika. There were about ~30 people attending, and we've received many positive feedback! This session was possible thanks to all of you who have showed your support. So on behalf of everyone who attended the session, THANK YOU!! 


Please help us continue to positively influence the veterinary community at Tufts Cummings through your support in sharing the donation link!



Anika & Makoto

Half Way There

November 06, 2017

Dear Cummings Thrive Supporters,


Thank you so much for everyone who supported us thus far through your donation and sharing of what we're trying to do! Today hits the 15th day mark in our campaign and we have managed to raise $2247!! This is amazing. Thank you so so much!


We are only $1753 away from our extended campaign goal of $4000. Please continue your support by sharing our campaign to those who might care about where veterinary profession is going and how we can produce well-rounded veterinary students.


Cummings Thrive cannot thank all of you enough for all the overwhelming support we've received so far. Let us continue to build the momentum until the day where we can shift the culture of the entire veterinary profession. 



Cummings Thrive 


P.S. For the past three years, co-founder Makoto has been working at the ramen restaurant called Yume Wo Katare in Cambridge MA that encourages customers to share their dreams and aspirations. The image below is Makoto's "dream" for the months of October and November. Makoto would like to show his gratitude to everyone in Yume community for their tremendous support in making this campaign successful!!

We Reached Our Goal!!!! .....But wait, there's more!!

November 01, 2017

We are overwhelmed. SO overwhelmed with the amount of support  Cummings Thrive has received for the past 8 days!


Thanks to everyone's generosity thus far, we have reached our goal of $2000!!! The money raised will allow Cummings Thrive to support veterinary students for the entire academic year! This will be an important step in establishing a resilient and compassionate community at Tufts Cummings.


...However, we are not done yet! We still have about 3 weeks left for the fundraising campaign!!


The idea for Cummings Thrive emerged after Anika and I attended a weeklong leadership and wellness training program called Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE) over the summer. The transformative experience we had fueled our motivation for Cummings Thrive and inspired us to create the current format of the program. 


Every year, Tufts Cummings has been sending 2 students and one faculty member to VLE.  With that said, we would like to extend our fundraising goal to to $4000. The additional $2000 will be used to sponsor 2 students and a faulty member to attend next year’s VLE held in June of 2018. The cost to attend includes registration, flights to ID, lodging, and so on. 


By Cummings Thrive contributing to the cost of sending students and faculty to VLE, we will secure a motivated group of people who will play a vital role in refining and further developing Cummings Thrive in years to come.


We cannot thank you enough for all of the support we’ve received so far. Thank you so much! And please continue to share the donation link to anyone and everyone you know to reach our new goal! 


Thank you so much,

Makoto & Anika

Week 1 Update!

October 30, 2017

Good morning! 


Thank you so much for all of your support during the first week of our fundraising campaign. We're extremely delighted to tell you that we've reached more than 80% of our goal amount of $2000!! We are so grateful for all of the support we've received thus far. Thank you!


Let's keep the momentum going!! Please share this donation link to anyone and everyone you know! 


Thanks again for your support,

Makoto and Anika 

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Sending Students to VLE

With this incredible gift, you can send two students and one faculty to a weeklong leadership training program called Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE) in ID. This covers the registration, transportation, and lodging for the whole week. Thank you so much for your support!

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