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Tufts Engineers Without Borders Water Needs Assessment Trips

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Tufts Engineers Without Borders Water Needs Assessment Trips

This crowdfunding project has ended, but you can still support Tufts Engineers Without Borders here. Thank you for your continued support!

We are planning two assessment trips for this summer: one in Nicaragua in May and one in Malawi in August!

We fundraise for our projects through grants, but we would like to be able to send more students on these trips. We do not require any student to pay for a trip; travel teams are created on merit alone. Your contribution will fund student travel through plane tickets, food, lodging, and a small water testing and community health project for the community. By helping our cause, you can help subsidize the cost of student travel, allowing more people to be involved in our club, thereby creating a larger global impact.

Our new projects:


The Latin America group of Engineers Without Borders is currently working with a community called Silvio Mayorga in Nicaragua. We have been coordinating with an environmental conservation organization called La Reserva Silvestre Quelantaro located near the community, with the goal of improving water access in the community. Until recently, the community members had to walk almost an hour each way to obtain clean water, and as of now the pump and storage system at a closer well is in bad condition. This summer, three of our students and one of our professional mentors will be traveling to the community to assess the condition of the pump and storage system, as well as to learn more about the health concerns relating to water quality and access. We hope to not only get to know the community and their needs better, but also to get all the information we need to start designing a storage and distribution system to implement in the community on a later trip.


Tufts EWB is starting a new project in the community of Solomoni in the southern region of Malawi.  With the help of Joshua Orphan and Community Care, an NGO based out of the city of Blantyre, Malawi, we are working to improve access to clean water.  Currently, community members must walk long distances to collect water especially during the dry season.  During the rainy season, flooding blocks the path to clean water and forces many people to collect water from contaminated sources.  This summer, a team of three students and one professional mentor will travel to the community to assess their current situation.  The goal of this trip is to learn more about health and sanitation, determine the quality of the current drinking water, and create a map of existing water sources in order to determine how to best serve the needs of the community.  We hope to use this information to design and implement sustainable water solutions on future trips.

If you’d like updates regarding our travel plans, join our email list by contacting us at!

We need your help!

No student has to pay out of pocket to be on our travel teams. Any contribution, big or small, will allow us to send more members to our partner communities which will strengthen our relationship with the communities and allow us to get more work done while we are in country. Thank you for helping Tufts EWB continue our mission to increase access to clean water around the world.

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This amount will help buy a starting supply of soap for the handwashing station.


Tippy-Tap Handwashing Station

This amount will build a handwashing station at the primary school in Malawi.


Water Testing Kit

A water testing kit is useful for determining possible pathogens or metals in the water.


Visa to Nicaragua

This amount will purchase a visa for a student to enter Nicaragua.


Visa to Malawi

This amount will purchase a visa for a student to enter Malawi.


Plane Ticket to Nicaragua

This amount will send a student to our project in Nicaragua.


Plane ticket to Malawi

This amount will send a student to Malawi!

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