Thank you for supporting the 1,100 students and 325 student leaders participating in Pre-Orientation this year! Your kind help is one of their first connections to the Jumbo community. If you have any questions about your gift, please email

2021 Pre-Orientation

8 innovative programs. 1,100 new students. 1 way you can help.

2021 Pre-Orientation

Helping new students form early connections as they start their Tufts experience is at the heart of all eight Pre-Orientation programs.

  • BEAST (Building Engagement and Access for Students at Tufts) focuses on the unique social and cultural experiences specific to students who may be the first in their families to attend college.
  • CAFE (Conversation Action Faith and Education) participants explore identity, interfaith understanding, and community organizing.
  • CREATE (Cultivate Relationships by Engaging with Arts at Tufts Experiences) participants explore visual art, theater, and music across the Fenway and Medford campuses as well as Boston.
  • FIT (Fitness and Individual Development at Tufts) helps students integrate into the Tufts community through wellness, nutrition, and fitness activities.
  • FOCUS (First-Year Orientation CommUnity Service) participants work on local service projects within these areas: hunger, homelessness, environment, youth advocacy, Giving Camp, placemaking, elderly, LGBTQ+ advocacy, arts advocacy, and racial justice advocacy.
  • GO (Global Orientation) participants form intercultural connections and lifelong friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, while discovering Tufts and the surrounding community.
  • SQUAD (Students' Quest for Unity in the African Diaspora) creates a safe and welcoming environment of unity, collaboration, learning, and socializing as students navigate African-diaspora specific challenges on the campus and in their lives.
  • TWO (Tufts Wilderness Orientation) includes backpacking, canoeing, hybrid, and trail crew trips, as well as POC, women’s (female-identifying, gender non-conforming), and LGBTQIA+ affinity trips.


Here’s what the experience means:

“My Pre-O experience really helped me to feel at home at Tufts…Coming to campus during COVID times, it was great to already know some familiar faces who you know are navigating through this whole process the same as you.” - Ayah Basmeh, E24


Here’s how you can help a student:

  • $30 covers meals for one day
  • $50 provides transportation to activities and service sites
  • $100 pays for supplies and activities
  • $425 sponsors the program fee

Most importantly, your gift of any size helps ensure that all students can participate regardless of personal finances. For students on financial aid, the Pre-Orientation fee is pro-rated based on financial aid percentages.

You can support a student during their first days at Tufts. It’s a wonderful way to welcome new Jumbos into the strong and caring Tufts community.

While we are excited to offer in-person Pre-Orientation programming this year, the University is still closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and its impact on the entire community.  Schedule adjustments will be made as needed in an effort to promote safety first for all students, faculty, staff, families, and local communities.