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COVID-19 Financial Aid Match

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COVID-19 Financial Aid Match

The future feels uncertain, but Tufts remains unwavering in its commitment to providing undergraduate students the financial aid they need to continue—or start—their studies on the Hill. 

Currently, Tufts estimates needing an additional $4,000,000 in financial aid to meet its commitment of fully funding student demonstrated need. Family situations have altered drastically in the last six months: students who didn't need the funding before, need it now and those who were already receiving financial aid now need more. 

Our alumni, parent and friend community embrace our commitment to financial aid and several families have stepped forward to sponsor the COVID-19 Financial Aid Match.  Each dollar given to undergraduate financial aid at Tufts will be matched, up to $2 million! 

The compassion and tenacity demonstrated by Jumbos throughout this pandemic reminds us that wherever we may be, or however long ago we left the Hill, our commitment remains.  Together, we are Tufts. And together, we will ensure that today’s students can continue to light the Hill.  

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