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MyTERN: Tufts Prison Initiative of Tisch College

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Thank You!

July 10, 2020

THANK YOU once again for making a gift this past month to the Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College’s: Tufts Educational Reentry Network (TERN)! You enabled us to reach and far surpass our fundraising expectations, transcending twice our original goal! Our network is raring to go; planning trainings, application processes, program agreements, and course syllabi. Our network and future participant-applicants are regularly updated on the status of this crowdfunding, and all contributions continually motivate and inspire our team’s hard work.


Your help allowed us to:

1. sponsor 8 people coming home from prison for nine months of programming and re-entry mentorship through MyTERN

2. Provide COVID-19 Protection kits to ensure a healthy learning environment for participants and instructors

3. Facilitate MyTERN Zoom sessions with incarcerated students at Nashua Street Jail

4. Develop a MyTERN advisory and program assessment committee of formerly incarcerated Educational Justice Fellows.

Our participants, instructor-mentors, Tufts graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty all thank you for your help as we prepare to embark on this educational and transformative journey. 


Our next steps now involve continuing to help MyTERN flourish and become sustainable, as well as planning a fall symposium with monthly panels! We will be working with our numerous on-campus and off-campus TERN partners. These speaker sessions will center the voices of formerly incarcerated people who will address the value of education, support, and opportunity for incarcerated people and returning citizens; you (our private donor base!) will receive email invitations in some cases. 


We certainly could not have done this without your generosity and support, which makes a direct impact on both TUPIT and TERN. You have helped us reach our goals, make the program more sustainable, and increase access to higher education for people who would not have had it otherwise. Thank you again!

SECOND STRETCH - Tripling Our Goal!

June 16, 2020

THANK YOU all who have donated to help provide education and promote health and wellness for those releasing from incarceration in Massachusetts! The Tufts Educational Re-entry Network, and future participants of the MyTERN Program are inspired and motivated by your generosity!



With 24 days left to raise critical program funds, we are now STRETCHING OUR GOAL to $30,000, tripling the original goal. With $20,000, you have covered the cost of materials and programming for a medium-sized cohort, as well as COVID-19 Protection kits to ensure a healthy learning environment for participants and instructors.


Through our second goal of $30,000, you will help us cover the cost of:

1. MyTERN ZOOM SESSIONS WITH PEOPLE INCARCERATED AT A COUNTY JAIL offered by Tufts instructors and formerly incarcerated instructor-mentors on re-entry planning

2. MyTERN ADVISORY / PROGRAM ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE of formerly incarcerated Educational Justice Fellows

  • TERN is committed to ongoing PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT & ASSESSMENT; it is of paramount importance that those with lived experience of the criminal justice system conduct the program evaluation, analysis, and development.
  • With incarceration and higher-education experience, these advisory committee members will run LEADERSHIP / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS
  • This group will CO-CHAIR TUPIT’s ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM that will expand its function to amplify the perspectives and voices of MyTERN participants. 

*** *** ***

⇨  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people was 27% (higher than peak unemployment during the Great Depression). Since the pandemic, finding employment with all of the additional barriers a criminal record imposes has become nearly impossible.

⇨ A formerly incarcerated person’s chance of attaining a college degree are less than 1 in 20 (Prison Policy Initiative, 2018). 

⇨⇨⇨ Please help us impact the lives of individuals and change these numbers by increasing access to higher education for people who have been excluded in the past.

YOUR GIFT AND SUPPORT OF MyTERN WILL MAKE A PERSONAL & STATISTICAL DIFFERENCE. Thank you, and please reach out through this link to the Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College if you or your organization is interested in further involvement through network development!


June 12, 2020


Our Network is excited and very grateful for those of you who donated to help us meet our $10,000 goal in only 4 days!!!!!!



STRETCH  ⇨⇨⇨  Doubling Our Goal to $20,000!


These additional funds will enable us to expand MyTERN’s reach, by opening up our program to more people and beginning to mitigate some of the exclusiveness that higher education, unfortunately, often creates.  


Please continue to help us raise this additional amount of money so that MyTERN can


⇨ 1. Provide programming for THREE ADDITIONAL STUDENTS and

⇨ 2. Cover costs of COVID-19 PROTECTION KITS (masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizer) at $50/person for participants and all instructors to maintain a healthy social distancing environment at the community center. 


“The support system and guidance that I get from everyone, that’s what makes me successful. I never believed that I could maneuver my way through all of these obstacles on my path, and I can’t do it on my own... Having someone actually care about you, and want to help you, that changes everything.”


-MyTERN Instructor-Mentor, directly impacted by the cj system 


The Tufts University Prison Initiative’s mission is to facilitate creative and collaborative responses to the problems of mass incarceration, provide transformative educational experiences, and foster participants’ capacities to become active citizens of change in the world. Especially amidst the current national climate, our work continues in solidarity with the protests against systemic anti-Black racism to fight for justice through the cultivation of innovative educational programming that catalyzes lasting change. Your donation can sustain TUPIT’s mission and vision by expanding this critical and life-altering programming in the name of racial and economic justice. We look forward to updating you in the future about the progress of our participants and program. Thank you for making MyTERN possible!


Choose a giving level


Notebooks and Organizers

Cover the cost of notebooks and organizers for one participant for the entirety of the MyTERN program


Books and Readers

Cover the cost of all books and course readers for one participant for the entirety of the MyTERN program


One Microsoft Certification

Cover the cost of one Microsoft computer skill certification exam for one participant in the MyTERN program


One Chromebook

Cover the cost of one Chromebook for one participant in the MyTERN program


One Student's Materials

Cover all of one person’s educational materials for the MyTERN program


Capstone Internship

Cover one person's stipend for a hands-on internship with a local business or non-profit organization


Cost of Entire Program for One

Sponsor a person coming home from prison for nine months of programming and re-entry mentorship through MyTERN

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