Supporting Students

Putting Students First

COVID-19 has changed our lives profoundly. The reality of the ongoing violence, injustices and systemic racism the Black community has endured for generations has come starkly into focus across the country and around the world. Amid this adversity, we are all working to find ways to take action.

The needs of our students continue to evolve as more families are impacted. The Tufts community is also a family and committed to taking care of one another. 

The financial support provided to me meant that I could continue attending school fulltime [after being laid off in March from my part-time restaurant job]. … The alumni network, the institution, the administration, everyone involved has been incredible in terms of how connected they seem and the amount of support they’ve given me and other people in my situation.” Jesse Lauden, A22

Here are a few ways you can help:

Financial aid 

Because of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the economy, there is an increased need for financial aid. Students and their families are navigating uncertain times, but this remains certain: Tufts will continue to meet the full financial need of each of our undergraduate students. We are one of only approximately 70 universities and colleges in the United States that has made this kind of commitment.

Unexpected Hardship Fund

The Unexpected Hardship Fund will be used to supplement federal assistance from the CARES Act. Your gift will support students with the highest need and those not covered by the CARES Act. You can help provide relief for emergency needs, including: medical co-pays and expenses that are higher away from campus; laptops, WIFI, routers, and noise-canceling headphones so students have a space at home conducive to learning; and offsetting the loss of campus job income for the summer.

Supporting the Black Community on Campus

The Africana Center has been a part of the Tufts community for 50 years and ensures that students of African descent have access to a variety of academic, cultural, and student resources.   You can give directly to the Africana Center and click here to learn more about its history.

Area of Greatest Need

Faculty and staff are working around the clock so that our students continue to receive the education and mentorship that are at the core of Tufts’ mission. Your support of the area of greatest need enables the Schools of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering to adapt in these uncertain times.

Your gift will be used where it is needed most in the current moment, to respond as new challenges arise.

Graduate Student Aid

Fellowships and stipends have taken on heightened importance for graduate students facing unanticipated financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. Your gift supports continuing students completing their advanced degrees and gives talented new students the opportunity to study at Tufts.

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