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Tufts April Giving

April Giving is a 3-week challenge period during which ATO, The Jackson Jills, TCU, The Tufts Daily, Tufts Electric Racing, and Tufts Mountain Club are competing for the highest donor participation to receive additional challenge funds through alumni donations.

Tufts April Giving

April Giving is a 3-week challenge period (April 1-19) during which on campus groups are competing to receive the highest donor participation. The groups that achieve the most donations, relative to the size of their groups, will receive additional challenge funds from alumni! The group in 1st place will receive an additional $500, 2nd place will receive an additional $300, and 3rd place will receive an additional $200 donation directly to their group.  Participation percentages are calculated by dividing the total number of donors by the number of active members for each group.  Learn more about each of the groups below!


Tufts Mountain Club

The Tufts Mountain Club is a student run organization dedicated to sharing the outdoors with the Tufts community at large.  One of the largest student organizations on campus, we are a diverse group of students with a range of backgrounds in outdoor experience boasting both beginners and experts in disciplines including hiking, backpacking, rock and ice climbing, kayaking, rafting, alpine and Nordic skiing, mountain biking, and almost any other outdoor activity that someone might want to pursue.  Our club resources include a lodge (Loj) we run and operate in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, vans available to club members, a fully stocked gear rental system, a space on campus for students to study and socialize at, and educational resources for skills that can often be difficult to learn.  Going outside can often be an expensive endeavor in terms of gear needed, training required, and reaching destinations for grand adventures (but there's always something close by if you look hard enough) and one of TMC's main goals is alleviating those burdens through our peer trainings, gear rentals, and financial aid, but we can use your help!  TMC is participating in the April giving campaign to bolster our financial aid program. Your donations will go towards making sure that no Tufts community member is barred from experiencing what we believe to be some of the most important moments in life, those spent outside. Our financial aid program helps students cover the cost of outdoor associated fees such as Loj stay, gear rentals (from outside of TMC), ski tickets, and transportation costs.  To learn more or become a member please visit our website or reach out to anyone on our executive board. We hope to see you outside!


Tufts Electric Racing

Tufts Electric Racing is an interdisciplinary group made up of students from both the school of Engineering and Arts and Sciences. Every year, we build an all electric, formula-style race car and compete at the Formula Hybrid Competition in New Hampshire. Our team offers students a hands-on experience designing and building a car from the ground up as well as crucial project management skills that will be essential for success after college. With your support, we can continue offering Tufts students with this important collegiate experience and help us bring the Formula Hybrid Championship back to Tufts! Learn more about our group here and follow us on social media!


The Tufts Daily

The Tufts Daily is the student-run daily newspaper of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. A financially independent organization, the Daily (as it is known on campus) runs op-ed pieces submitted by students as well as traditional news, arts, and sports articles covering both the Tufts campus and the greater Medford/Somerville/Boston area. The Tufts Daily runs a printed, daily newspaper delivered each morning to various locations on the Medford campus as well as a consistently updated online webpage devoted to upholding its motto: “Where you read it first.” Founded in 1980, the Daily has served as a forum for many undergraduate students who went on to prominent positions in many distinctive careers. With your support, we can continue to produce the Daily and cover all the remaining costs of production. We need YOUR donation to help us stay afloat! Thank you in advance for your contribution!  Check out a video about our group here!


Tufts Community Union (TCU)

TCU Senate is the main governing body for Tufts undergraduate students. We are participating in April Giving to raise money for the Student Support fund, which students on a grant-based tuition can access to cover the financial costs of an off-campus activity that’s been approved by the treasury. This fund is so important because it helps ensure that financial barriers do not prevent students from attending their club's off-campus events! We hope you consider donating - any amount is greatly appreciated! You can check out our website or facebook page for more information about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved.


The Jackson Jills

We are Tufts University's oldest, all-femme a capella group, founded in 1963. Although our central purpose is to arrange, sing, and perform music we love, we also find purpose in the strong friendships and lifelong bonds we form during our four years singing together at Tufts; these are relationships that have sustained our group for over fifty years. We are participating in April Giving because we are fundraising for the production of our newest album launching in April this year. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and make sure to stay tuned for our album! You can listen to some of our music here



ATO of Massachusetts — Tufts’ only all-gender inclusive fraternity — is partaking in April Giving to develop our financial aid program, philanthropy outreach, and increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of our house. We would greatly appreciate any donation! With these gifts, we will be able to continue our mission of making ATO an accessible organization that fosters the development of meaningful friendships and community, promotes the discussion of forward-thinking ideas, and works toward a more just, more equitable society.

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