About Crowdfunding

Applications are now being accepted for projects to crowdfund. Before applying, please review our Tufts crowdfunding guidelines.


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Crowdfunding at Tufts is a platform to help Tufts community members raise money to bring their ideas to life. Projects on this platform promote innovation and community impact across the university and catalyze transformational projects. 

To be eligible, a project must:

Support Tufts programs and initiatives

Have a Tufts department ID into which funds will be distributed

Engage their own personal networks for support

Have project leaders that are willing to create project outreach and marketing materials before, during, and after the campaign

Gain approval by submitting an application.

Tufts University FAQ

Are gifts to Crowdfunding at Tufts tax-deductible?

Yes. All gifts made through Tufts’ crowdfunding platform will go directly to the project and are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt via e-mail.

Will 100% of my gift go towards the cause that I support?

Yes! 100% of your gift will go directly to funding the project.

Is my information secure?

Yes. All gifts are collected through the University's official PCI compliant payment processing vendor, TouchNet.

Can I contribute anonymously?

Yes. If you prefer not to have your name listed as a donor, simply opt to not display your donor name upon checkout. 

Can I pay by check in the mail? 

Absolutely. Please email crowdfund@tufts.edu for assistance.

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